GHIBLI light like the wind

We are faced by a top of the range product. Ghibli is made using light, but extremely strong materials. It's available in 2 versions: the first one fully made of titanium, both the inside and the outside, the other in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Its travelling companions will be 600 cc motorbikes and over. Obviously sports or naked alike. It is not evident by looking at the picture, but it has an important volumetric space, a factor that has enabled MIVV to "pull out" a well rounded and recognisable sound (and obviously also the performance is top).

Ghibli, does not have a standard layout: one or more bends across its length will ensure maximum aesthetic harmony with the bike on which it will be fitted.

The shapes and the winding design of this exhaust make it fully compatible with both sports and naked models.

In addition to lightness, the other peculiar characteristics of the silencer are the fact that it is fully TIG welded, including the brackets, and that it has a stamped cap with a db killer, secured in position using three socket screws.

The available versions are:

Ghibli titanium
Fully made of titanium material

Ghibli steel
Fully made of stainless steel material

As for all MIVV products, Ghibli is the result of the experience of a great brand, manufacturer of both original and aftermarket exhausts, and of his "official partnership" of many years with teams engaged in the Bike World Championship.


  • Wide range product made of light and high resistant materials
  • Two available versions: totally in titanium and in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Sinuous and versatile forms, to be in perfect aesthetical compatibility with all bike models they fit.
  • Assembled model through corner conical sectors
  • Totally T/G welded products under controlled atmosphere
  • Removable dB-killer with a fixing system through ISO - buttons screws
  • Intense and cool sound
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